24 de julho de 2011

Note to the church of Christ in Atlanta

To the church of Christ on Wieuca and Re-church,

As I leave to a new journey, I want to thank each and every one of you who walked with me for the past three years. Wieuca was the first church I visited when I arrived in Atlanta and it became part of my life from that first Sunday on. Little did I know back then that your faces would accompany me through my pains, joys, obstacles and achievements in the USA.
I thank you for the opportunity of sharing bread and wine, thoughts and theologies, agreeing to disagree, help and support the community, volunteer and be actively part of the body of Christ in fellowship with you.
I thank God specially for the ones who put time and effort and faith and prayer to make Re-church happen and allow me to be part of this wonderful vision of Christianity today. I pray that God will encourage you, wherever you are now, to be a living example of what Re-church stood for. You taught me so very much and were amazingly present when I was alone and in despair. I will remember your faces and say a prayer for you so that your journey may be filled with love and courage.
To my brothers and sisters at Freedonia, may the Lord keep you and bless you. May He be the continuous   focus of you and may He multiply the love and koynonia among you many times more than I can count.To all of you, Luda, Penny, Marlee, Connie, Stephanie, Debra and Scott, Matt, Abby and Jake, Michael and Vicky, Cecil and his belated wife, Susan, Allan and Jim, Gil, Linda, Kim, John and Missy, Sharon, Robin, Steve and so many others, my sincere thank you.

Blessings and love,


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