3 de abril de 2011

So much to see, so little time

 Garfield 3/15/2011

Having this month on a medical leave is sort of a blessing and a curse at the same time. A blessing because I can have time to take proper care of myself and do so many things I've always wanted to do. And a curse because I get stressed trying to do all the things I have always wanted to do.
Spent the last few days watching some movies I missed on the big screen. Babies is definitely one I do not regret seeing at home. I would have scandalized everyone at the movie theater with my "awwww" and "ohhhh", "It's so fluffy I'm gonna die".
The Young Victoria I wish I had seen at the theater. I love movies about the British monarchy and sometimes regret we did not keep monarchy ourselves in Brazil. Although I must say some people, even nowadays, behave as if they're monarchs themselves.
A Long Engagement is entertaining, but a little hard to follow. It has the ever pleasant Audrey Tatoo as lead role and love, and tears, and war...
So today, international day of going to the movies, I am getting ready to see what are the latest releases.

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  1. Ei Marilia,

    qdo quiser companhia para o cinema me chama.

    Adriana Stahl